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Circle Of Grace - offers personal empowerment coaching and Reiki. Loads of free stuff, including healthy recipes, articles and e-books for self-improvement, daily horoscope and motivational quotes, chat room, forums, posters and things for your desktop. Sign up for a complimentary coaching session!

Eagle Dancing's Psychic Readings - Eagle Dancing is a caring, accurate Cherokee psychic. He is also an ordained Minister and a Reiki Master. He has been doing readings for 20 years. He always tells you the truth, not just what he thinks you want to hear. Get a free reading today!

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Finger Woven Sashes by Hunting Hawk
Waist and Leg Sashes - Chevron and Diagonal Patterns, both Plain or Lapped, Lightning, Ladder and Arrowhead Patterns. 100 Percent Virgin Wool. Sashes in Stock and Custom Orders Available.

Living Drums Co. - Native American arts, crafts, drums & other inspired works of art. Wholesale and retail. Secure online ordering.

Native American Traders - For over ten thousand years, indigenous peoples have lived and thrived 
in what is now the American Southwest. From this harsh, unforgiving climate have developed the cultures of today. Kachinas to help with crops and moisture. Baskets, pottery, and weavings as utilitarian vessels to haul, store, warm, and protect.
Native American Traders is dedicated to offering to you the very best in Native American art, not necessarily the most expensive, but the most that your money can buy.

ZUNI BY HARRIS - Turquoise Nugget Strands, Wild Bird Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry, Zuni Fetishes, Natural Materials, Carving Identification window (C.I.W), Cooler Bars by Harris, OVER 100 HAND CARVED ZUNI FETISHES ON HAND AT ALL TIMES!

Great Trading Path Native American Indian drums, art, crafts, beadwork, jewelry, baskets, pottery and South Eastern Indian history.

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